A note on Dimitris Condos’s work, “The Setting of the Full Moon”

The Setting of the Full Moon
A narrative in image and text
A spiritual pact of calendrical testimony
or “Entranced by the moon, I express myself”

Eight paintings are arranged on a wall. In the room stands an easel on which a text -a poem-has been placed.
The paintings depict the phases of the moon, eight way-stations of visual language that capture moments in time. The poem, a monologue about the moon, is the artist’s response in words to these iconic appearances of the moon and its setting.
The eight spaces of visual narrative, eight rectangular flat surfaces, form an expansive yet dense textual whisper, a topography of graphic gestural notation, covered in part by the light of the successive passage of the moon. First bright orange, then later a pale yellow, until finally in the eighth work the light and its form disappear entirely. “… any moment now, when it sets, I will be cast into the darkness of love,” writes the artist in his monologue.
As in his previous work, Condos’s handling here is minimalist, but this time he has chosen the moon for his subject matter, a thematic that has been associated above all with the poetic and erotic.
The moon is a symbol of biological rhythms, the appearance and disappearance of the phenomena of life, a mark of re-cycling and periodicity, an emblem of the perennial return to the beginning. As such it provides the artist with symmetry and structure, and principles of physical laws to plot out and create his image. At the same time, however, it allows him to enter into a fictional game, to wander through and then to move beyond it, liberated from the reflections of the moon and the intoxication its magic brings on.
Marshalling his fantasy, the artist makes public his experience. In so doing he seems to be metaphorically confessing his erotic adventure as a trial endured in actual experience but also a test of the creative act itself, even as he accepts the illusory prospect of this adventure.

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